Press Contact
Brandon Goodwin
Founder, blipcast

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Basic Info

Kickstarter Page:
Kickstarter Ends: January 31, 2016 11:59 PM CST

Twitter handle: @blipcastco
Official Hashtag: #blipcast


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Story of blipcast

Blipcast is a connected hardware startup founded in 2015 by Brandon Goodwin and Wes Billman. Their flagship product of the same name streams audio to the blipcast app and allows users to watch television or play videogames without disturbing others. Blipcast is currently a team of four and is based in Springfield, Missouri.

The startup launched a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter on Tuesday, January 5th and will run the remainder of January. They will be at the Consumer Electronic Show January 6th - 9th in Las Vegas, NV in the Sands Expo, booth #81252. Blipcast is independently owned by the founders and have not sought investors or begun any sort of funding round other than kickstarter.

CEO and co-founder, Brandon Goodwin first had the idea for blipcast while watching television after his wife had gone to bed. He wanted a way to hear sound from his TV without waking up her up. His TV was not bluetooth enabled, nor did he wan’t a bulky set of wireless headphones sitting out in his living room. He reasoned that if he could send audio, video, and photos from his phone to his television, he should be able to send audio from his television to his phone and use the earbuds he already owned.

Product Information

blipcast streams audio from your TV to your smartphone so you can watch TV or play videogames without disturbing others.

Blip cast turns any set of headphones into wireless headphones.

Possible uses include: 

  • People who stay up later than their partners watching television.
  • New parents who want to watch television together without the fear of waking up the new baby.
  • Apartment dwellers who don’t want to disturb their neighbors.
  • Hearing impaired.

You can use the headphones you already have. If you own an amazing new set of expensive, noise cancelling headphones, you can use those. Likewise, if you’ve got the cheap earbuds that came with your smart device, those will work as well. Blip cast will even work with wireless bluetooth headphones that are paired with your smartphone or device, sending the audio signal from your TV to your bluetooth headset via your phone, eliminating the need to pair and un-pair your bluetooth headset.

Blipcast is an alternative to relatively bulky, counter-hogging wireless RF headphones that need to be recharged and that only one person can listen to at a time. Blip cast will send sound to multiple iOS or Android devices at once.

Users can use multiple blipcasts on different TVs in their homes. Users can even hook this up to their record player’s audio output and listen to records on their smart phone.

Blipcast Team

Brandon Goodwin, Founder, blipcast

Brandon Goodwin, Founder
Wes Billman, Co-Founder, Lead Software Engineer
Adam Bowlin, Art Director
Travis Fagerness, Electrical Engineer


Brandon Goodwin is the founder of blipcast. His background is in marketing, specifically video and film production. He has operated his video production company, “Goodwin Films” since 2003 from his studio in Springfield, MO. In 2010 Goodwin was also a co-creator of the kickstarted-funded documentary, “Linotype: The Film”. He was also the director of the recent viral internet video “Instagram Husband”.

Wes Billman is the co-founder and lead software developer for blipcast. He has a background in embedded software development for robotics and motion control products including 3D Printers, Medical Devices, and Life Science automation. He has also built a variety of iOS applications for clients such as Mextures and A Beautiful Mess. His website is here.

Travis Fagerness is the lead Electrical Engineer for blipcast. He has been working in the consumer electronic industry on low-power wireless embedded systems for over seven years. He has a BSEE, MBA, and an MSEE with a focus on integrated circuit design. Some of his projects are here.

Adam Bowlin is the Art Director at Blipcast. He has experience working with a multitude of brands including clients such as Converse, Harley Davidson, Mission Foods, Starbucks, and Best Buy, among others. Adam spends his free time with his lovely wife and daughter and teaching at Missouri State University. Find out more about Adam here.

Kem Studio Team

Blip cast has teamed up with industrial design firm, Kem Studio in Kansas City, Missouri to oversee the look and feel of the blipcast device.

Jonathon Kemnitzer, Industrial Designer, Principal, Kem Studio
Brett Pearson, Industrial Designer
Brian Franson, Industrial Designer

Technical Details

  • By default, blipcast will connect to your smart devices over a home wifi network. It can also be configured as a direct access point if you don’t have a wifi network available.
  • A single blipcast can stream to multiple smart devices at once.
  • Add a blipcast to every TV in your house and easily switch between rooms in the blipcast app.
  • Blipcast accepts any 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Blipcast will come with a micro USB to full USB cable and can be powered by a USB wall adapter (currently not included) or by the USB port on the back of your television

Press Contact
Brandon Goodwin